APS Filter

APS Fabric Filter : APS offer a complete range of fabric filter systems to meet every plant requirement and suit the most difficult woking conditions. The APS range covers two type fabric filter viz. High ratio filters generally with felted fabric and low ratio filter with woven fabric.

The Cleaning Principle
On Line High Ration Filters :
The filters are cleaned “On-Line” cleaning system using high pressure compressed air pulses delivered by Mounted diaphragm Valves.

Off Line High Ratio Filters : For typical applications APS also offers filters employing “Of-Line” cleaning principles. In this system the unit is a multi - chamber filter and each compartment is cleaned after isolation from the main gas stream.

Technical Specification
APS cassette type filter :
APS cassette filter is a high pressure pulse cleaned filter available with or without integral fan. The units are used for dust extraction at transfer points or silo top in material handling. Installation in cement, graphite , coal, sugar, plastic and power plants. Access or removal of cassette from the side so no head room is required. The filters are available in fulley shop assembled conditions and are designed for flows from 800 40000 cum / hr.

APS cyclone bag Filters : Cyclone bag filters designed for the collection of all kind of dry dust. The combination of cyclone and bag filter enables them to handle a very large dust burden, hence they are also well - suitable for pneumatic conveying and industrial vacuum cleaning plants. The cylindrical design also makes them suitable for explosive dust like flour from roller flour mills and coal in cement and coal handling plants. The filters are pulse cleaned and designed for flaws from 1000 to 15000 cu m/hr.

APS Pulse Jet Type Filters : Pulse jet type filter is a high pressure cleaned filter for dry collection in cement, chemical, power, ferrous and non-ferrous industries etc. This offers the right blend between quality and economy for the small and medium capacity range. The units are available with bag length 2 metres, 3 metres and 3.6 metres. The filter is designed for flow from 4000 to 100000 cum/hr.

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