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About Our Company

Air Polution System designs and manufactures industrial fans and blowers to move airstreams of all types including clean, dirty, hot, cold, abrasive, corrosive, and material-laden air. Our industrial fans and blowers, both pre-engineered and custom, include backward inclined fans, backward curved fans, radial tipped fans, material handling fans, high pressure blowers, & other centrifugal fans & blowers.

Our Profile

Air Polution System a NSIC & SSI registered company equipped with two Dynamic Balancing Machines to ensure a trouble free and energy efficient fan. All fans manufactured by us are precision balanced statically and dynamically as per ISO-1940(1973).

Another balancing machine 10-1000kg Capacity. Specially for accurate balancing of small high speed and high pressure centrifugal fans.

Image 02

Pressure 10mm WG to 150 mm WG Design: tailor made designs with blades-with special protective finishes are also available. V-Belt driven axial flow fans for corrosive gas or steam High Pressure Fans with two contra rotating- impellers bifurcated design.

Application: Ventilation, Exhaust, DG, Set, Cooling, Air-washer System, Tea Drier, Cooling Towers, Mine / Tunnel Ventilation.